Why fresh Coffee?
Using freshly roasted coffee is the only way to ensure you are getting all the flavors and aromas that make the coffee experience special.

Coffee is best enjoyed within 3 weeks of roasting, when its flavor and aromas are at their peak.

How fresh is fresh?
Coffee needs a day or so to ‘de-gas’ in order to release the C02 that has built up during roasting. The Coffee beans are best between 2-10 days of roasting. Once all the C02 gas is released the beans become stale. Usually by the time YOU receive your Freshly Roasted Havoc Coffee Beans they will be into their second day, perfect for your weeks supply of sublime espresso! PLEASE just order enough coffee, as you need it, preferably once a week.

Have Fun!
Remember: life is too uncertain to drink stale, poorly prepared Coffee!

How to!

Plunger coffee
Use 2 level Tbsp (7-10 grams) per cup. load it up for more bite! Add Hot Water and Stir. Let it brew for 4 minutes then plunge. Using too little coffee will produce a thin, unsatisfying brew.

Espresso machines
There are many types of home espresso machines out there and they all vary considerably in their grind requirements. For the best results use a burr grinder and grind your own beans. Our grind is Medium fine.

Filter Coffee
Use 2 level Tbsp (7-10 grams) of coffee per cup. Only make enough coffee as you need, DON’T stew your coffee. NEVER reheat Coffee, if you desire another cup make a fresh brew.


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