There  are few certainties in life. One exception is there will always be a  market for great coffee. With this in mind HAVOC espresso was born.  The Black Barn, in Westmere, Wanganui is the home for our Coffee  Roasting Company.

Havoc  Coffee Roasting Ltd is Wanganui's ‘Boutique Coffee Roasting  Company’. We buy, roast and blend only 100% high graded Specialty  Arabica Beans with the goal of producing the very best espresso  blends and to provide our customers with the freshest roasted  coffee. We roast our coffee in a small Probat Roaster, which we have  imported from Germany. We roast the beans in small batches in order  to dedicate our full attention to each kilo of coffee we produce;  this in turn ensures freshness, consistency and the very highest  quality in every cup and bag of Havoc Coffee. The process requires a  great deal of thought and is quite slow, but the final product is  ‘well worth the journey’!  

Our  Packaging:  The  highest quality packaging available protects all our coffee. Each  bag incorporates a valve, which allows the Carbon dioxide to escape  without bursting the bag. Furthermore the valve prevents the entry  of coffee’s enemies …… Oxygen, moisture and airborne yeast  organisms, etc.  Our  bags include a zip-lock, which allows you to open and reseal the bag  while using the coffee.   All coffee sent from HAVOC coffee Roasters to our customers  is heat sealed to prevent premature opening. For use simply remove  the heat seal and unzip the bag. Enjoy!  Enjoy!

Brewing:   Regardless of which  method you use when preparing your coffee, we encourage you to  purchase whole beans and grind just prior to brewing.  And always ensure you use  enough coffee to bring out the true flavor of your havoc coffee.  It is better to have one  outstanding cup of coffee than two that are average.  

Despite  the growth of cafes all over New Zealand in the past 10 years some  of the best coffee is still made at home.  We aim to make it easy for  you to get Freshly Roasted HAVOC Coffee into your home and office.  

Havoc Coffee
Ph / Fax:06 348 4979, Mob:0274 412 640
73 Westmere Station Rd RD1, Wanganui NZ